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We have elected a SB committee  who  must report all management decisions to Co Owners.  

 The JPM…  can use all notice boards and this web site to inform all condo owners     The minutes of any committee meetings? 
                     The results of the any building  maintenance ie the Lifts.
                     All information about our condo

 Co Owners want to know what is the current situation or status on the all the lifts   and #3 Lift replacement or Repairs? 

WE currently only have one Lift  working,  after 2 week with no  lifts working, a new  motor control panel needed to be installed.   This controls only one lift.   Is there an update or a plan to repair #1 and # 2 lifts ?    


The JPM and the SB Committee  have voted to end Optima Condo management company contract.    Vote 3 to 1.     Optima has now resigned but is still awaiting payment for the last the last 5 months.   It was also decided to look for another condo management company as per the carried vote at the EGM.   Can the JPM  update  all Co Owners on the current situation.

It is clear that relying on the current office staff to update our financial situation is not working in a timely manner.  Thus the need for a management company.

Condo News     

New Condo View (480x800)

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A  new  52  floor new Condo building “Mustique” is planned to go up directly  across the road, blocking all our views and yet another 3-4 years of construction.   A meeting was held on last Sat at our condo but only  7  condo owners attended. This Condo is only one of 4 around us.   Good luck when trying to sell your condo in future? and the traffic will only get worse.

What is happening around our Condo.  No restaurant?   one lift working? New Condo across the road.  Condo owners  want to be kept informed

Why have some members of the committee refused to honour our past contract commitments?

ie Why has Optima not been paid, and are now taking  legal action against our  JPM.

Also if residents are unhappy with the lack of maintenance planning and lift repair information about our condo. Feel free to ask the office at any time.

All Co Owners.

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